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About us

01/08/0017 12:00 AM

While many other web providers are asking a lot of money for using less services, we don't! You can use free our services, but with a restriction of 10 times per day, per user (based on IP); after that, you either continue next day, or you can register and have full usage. You have at your disposal 50+ tools! And more are coming ...

We are also working on adding more features, such as:

1) Already installed! Grammar spelling tool (which will check spelling errors - over 20 languages included) - you need registration in order to be able to use it;
2) Already installed! A blog with rights (every registered user can add his/her own post, however will be reviewed before going live);
3) Already installed (check description below and link)! A premium membership (which will give you the ability to save your work on *.pdf);
4) an article rewriter tool (which will give you the oportunity to rewrite an article and avoid plagiarism);
5) an all in one website reviewer.


You have the choice of remaining anonymous using our services. But, you can also register and become a part of our community.

Last update: NEW ADDITION!

We have added a special set of tools! But, this is coming with a membership and the amount for using this service is about 3 coffes at Starbuck's per month, meaning that it will be less than 1$ per day (about 0,32$ per day for the PRO Membership)! You have 5 flavour choices: trial, medium, pro, premium, ultimate. Check it out: Netmasterz Webtools Pro



















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